Trip To Chinatown Icons & Graphics.

(Or being held in one's opium gaze?)

Trip to Chinatown Icons & Graphics
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Formerly located at sounhappy, this is the icons/graphics journal of opiumgaze. Thus, the contents are icons, graphics & wallpapers by her. Enjoy them at your own risk!!

  • Credit triptochinatown if you're taking an icon.

  • Comment to let me know what icons you're taking.

  • Do not hotlink.

  • Do not edit icons.

  • Do not claim my work as your own.

  • Enjoy what you take, and please share my work with others who might be interested.

Made in Adobe Photoshop 7, of whatever I feel is suitable at the time, pertaining to my obsessions du jour, what I feel like iconning, etc. Brushes, textures, light textures, etc. will be credited to their creators/owners, as will photographs and fanart (so long as I know who they're by). I welcome requests from those who are friendly and nice about it.

My username is from Peach Trees by Rufus Wainwright. The line in question goes, "Is true love a trip to Chinatown / Or being held in one's opium gaze?"

Additionally, the current layout is Rufus Wainwright. Because he's just that pretty/genius/wonderful.